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The Hidden Face of Suicide

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The Hidden Face of Suicide

This film enters the world of survivors, those who have lost loved ones to suicide, and reveals their remarkable stories. Looking for the story behind the silence in her own family, Silverman sets out on a journey of understanding and transformation. Using masks, the survivors find a unique and creative way to express the unspeakable. Their journey brings to light the danger of secrets and the terrible cost of silence.

The Story Within

Six people embark on journeys of profound self-discovery by immersing themselves as characters in self-selected and personally meaningful myths or fairytales. This film takes us through the stages of an original and dynamic approach to the Creative Arts Therapies and is a moving testament to the power of creativity and myth in clinical practice.


The Story Within is an in-depth therapist-guided exploration of a story personally chosen by the client. The process of finding and working with the right story, character, and dramatic moment provides a safe container within which to connect the challenge in the story with the client’s own personal problem.