The Story Within: Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy


Artfully shot, up close and intimate, participants are witnessed in their processes of healing and change. Participants transform the studio space before our eyes into a colorful and rich liminal environment using paper mache, fabrics, twigs and clay to fashion their own characters and create masks and costumes inspired by myths and fairytales. The film’s music, also composed by Silverman and the musicians, creates a rhythmic and encouraging heartbeat with drums, lyrical flute and guitar, accompanying storytellers on their mythic journeys.

Review in Dramascope 2005

Featuring drama and dance movement therapist Yehudit Silverman, this program profiles six people who embark on journeys of self-discovery by immersing themselves as characters in self-selected and personally meaningful myths or fairy tales. It takes viewers through the stages of Silverman’s approach to the creative arts therapies, demonstrating the power of creativity and myth in clinical practice.