Yehudit’s current film project :

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Interfaith Arts Dialogue – A Documentary Film Project for Peace- bringing together young adults and religious and community leaders from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities to work together through the arts.

 Ultimate Goals: To increase dialogue, exchange, and empathy among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim, communities. To promote tolerance and respect and counter bias, prejudice, and mistrust in these communities and in society at large.

Interfaith Arts Dialogue is a documentary film currently in the early stages of production that explores an innovative arts-based process to building solidarity between people of different groups.

The initiative brings together young adults and community leaders from Jewish, Christian and
 Muslim communities to take part in collaborative 
arts activities that shift their attitudes towards one another in profound ways. The film captures the personal growth and transformation of the young subjects as they embark on a journey that offers hope for building bridges between communities where mistrust is common.


The Interfaith Arts Dialogue project has already had a positive and rippling effect. As of Spring 2015, over 30 hours of filming have been completed of one group workshop and several one-on-one interviews with participants. The results are revealing, and at times highly moving. What began as a grassroots project has gained impressive momentum. The involvement of community leaders, scholars and keen participants has propelled the initiative forward, offering a new model for building unity among diverse cultural groups. Silverman’s aim is to document this inspiring process through a high-quality film and a digital study guide that has the potential to reach wider audiences and promote tolerance.

Many of the participants had never interacted with members of the other cultures prior to the workshop. Their experience expanded their ideas about other cultural groups. They forged new relationships and are sharing their new perspectives with their immediate communities.

Workshop participants expressed feelings of empowerment and a desire to make a difference
 in how Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities relate to one another. They voiced desires to bridge the widening gap between faith-based communities and the wider secular world.

Much work remains to complete further workshops, interviews, post-production and distribution of the eventual film and study guide. Silverman is currently seeking funding and approaching agencies and organizations so to be able to complete this project.

Throughout the workshop, I learned that art 
is an international language that speaks through all barriers and unites people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds in a way that no other language can. I want the world to see what we accomplished in one afternoon of open dialogue.” — Mona Taba, workshop participant

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