The Story Within

Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy


  • For therapists, artists, seekers, of all mediums
  • Unique and creative process for transformation
  • Step–by- step guide
  • Guideline for therapists
  • Clinical vignettes
  • Author’s journey
  • Testimonials
  • Tools for discovering Creative DNA and Perception Preferences
  • In-depth relationship with a self-selected myth or fairy tale
  • Using all creative mediums as a tool for reflection and discovery

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 Myths, fairy tales, and ancient stories from around the world speak of a quest: a journey fraught with obstacles, demons, and monsters.  From Persephone to the Ugly Duckling, the themes and challenges within these stories still speak to us today.”

 “Everyone is creative. There is an innate calling to respond to the world through some sort of creative medium.”

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The goal is to use myths, fairy tales, and creativity, to uncover and work with hidden and inaccessible aspects of ourselves. Myths, fairy tales, and ancient stories from around the world speak of a quest: a journey fraught with obstacles, demons, and monsters.  The themes and challenges within these stories still speak to us today as  we go through our own profound challenges. How do we access what remains unconscious and hidden? How can we find a safe way to approach the parts of ourselves that keep us caught in destructive patterns?  How do we help those we work with discover their inherent creativity and life force?

I found that combining the power of the creative process with the potent and ancient content of myth and fairy tale has proven an effective way to access and work with the hidden stories that often unconsciously control our lives.

Companion Film

The Story Within – Myth and fairy tale in therapy

Witness the process in action as six people embark on journeys of profound self-discovery by immersing themselves as characters in self-selected and personally meaningful myths or fairytales.


Intended for clinicians, therapists, and creative arts therapists, this book provides an invaluable introduction to Silverman’s approach that has an excellent balance of the theoretical and the practical. The book is well grounded in Silverman’s 20-years’ experience as a Creative Arts Therapies clinician and educator.

Sandi Curtis

PhD, MT-BC, MTA Professor Emeritus, Creative Arts Therapies Department, Concordia University, Author Music for Women (Survivors of Violence): A Feminist Music Therapy Interactive eBook

The Story Within shares Yehudit Silverman’s inter-modal creative arts therapy method for exploring yourself through the distanced, but enthralling avenue of story and all the creative arts (visual art, music, writing, drama, dance, mask-making, costume design, and environment creation). She outlines how the exploration can be done by a support group working together to witness and hold the imaginal space for each other OR how a therapist could use the exploration with a client who is exploring conflicts and deep hurt.

Sally Bailey

MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT, Professor, Director, Drama Therapy Program School of Music, Theatre and Dance, Kansas State University

Myths…creation stories…these form the very fabric of our societies and our selves. And to delve into them, to understand them, to experience them on so many of our various levels, from cerebral to instinctive, from analytical and verbal to implicit and interior, is to expand our sense of ourselves and all that is around us, to enrich our lives immeasurably.
In this book, Yehudit has given us a road map, a path towards this enrichment. By following her carefully described steps, and by using artistic rather than analytical methods, we can approach, and perhaps even reach, this state of awareness.
I dream of Icarus, given the wings he had never even imagined possible, and I crochet winged fruits….

Sonia Zylberberg

PhD, Professor of Religion, Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec

I highly recommend this book, for therapists as well as individuals and groups interested in a depth-oriented creative process which is rich with healing potential. The book contains a rare balance of being able to appeal to both clinicians and non-clinicians. The clinical examples given from the author’s own work are illuminating and inspiring. Her grasp of theory and practice alike is impressive and well worth the read.

Shelley Snow

PhD, Registered Psychotherapist, Music Therapist, Montreal, Quebec

This is the book I have been looking for. I have used other texts by eminent practitioners using story for therapy, but to date never one which opened the realm of stories to a client’s individual choice and authentification of her lived experience. From her extensive knowledge of myths and legends, Yehudit helps the client choose her own story, engaging her with her sense of herself as an individual, yet connecting her to a timeless identification with the human condition. The creativity of the client is awakened through movement, mask-making and sound, and the emotions are engaged in a safe structure. The therapist is guided through the method step by step, and I also used it to reflect on my own process. I am excited to recommend this book to anyone who loves to work with stories.

Christine Cowan

MA, Drama Therapist, lecturer, Belfast, Northern Ireland