Recent Presentations

The Story Within Conference

The Story Within Conference – Concordia University – 300 participants, October, 2020

The Hidden Face of Suicide

– Online film screening with Japanese subtitles for Japanese audience Nov, 2021

The Hidden Face of Suicide presentation with Japanese subtitles

Yehudit offers:

Supervision and Consultations in The Story Within TSW® method
Therapists, Community Workers, Peer Support Groups
International Presentations and Workshops

Film Presentations

The Story Within – myth and fairy tale in therapy (53 min)

In English with optional French subtitles

The Hidden Face of Suicide (58 min)

In English with optional French or Japanese subtitles

Creative Consultant/Leader for

Organizations, Communities, Life Cycle Events

Free online videos

TSW® method, guided meditation, poetry readings, body/mind awareness, creative exercises.

The Story Within

Myths, fairy tales, and ancient stories from around the world speak of a quest: a journey fraught with obstacles, demons, and monsters.  The themes and challenges within these stories still speak to us today as  we go through our own profound challenges. How do we access what remains unconscious and hidden? How can we find a safe way to approach the parts of ourselves that keep us caught in destructive patterns?  How do we help those we work with discover their inherent creativity and life force?

The Story Within class and Exhibition Concordia University

Interfaith Arts Dialogue Workshop

“When we have an opportunity to witness heartfelt creative work from those who are different, we can develop empathy and our attitudes can change. When given the chance to work collaboratively through the arts, our perceived differences can disappear.”
— Yehudit Silverman, Director, Interfaith Arts Dialogue

“Throughout the workshop, I learned that art is an international language that speaks through all barriers and unites people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds in a way that no other language can. I want the world to see what we accomplished in one afternoon of open dialogue”
— Mona Taba (workshop participant)